Wood Demon

Renna Tanner fighting off Wood Demons.

Wood Demons are large Demons with almost impenetrable armour and unnatural strength to power their thick claws. However, after Arlen Bales (pictured) discovered the Fighting Wards in The Ruins of Anoch Sun he warded weapons (in particular the Cutters' axes in Cutter's Hollow) that could wound and kill these demons. They have a long standing rivalry with Fire Demons due to their Firespit being able to threaten and kill them. They often kill them with their brute strength, though in the events of The Desert Spear they were known to stand alongside fire demons when under the lead of a Princeling (A Mind Demon).

Arlen Bales (as the Painted Man) fighting a still-forming wood demon.

Wood demons need trees to form, also a reason why they defend their forest against fire demons. In their forest they are nearly invisible, because their armor has the same colour and form as trees. Also they can go through trees or swing like monkeys from limb to limb.

Wood demons like to suprise their victims so they form in the tops of the trees and fall down on ther victims below. Or they hide in a tree and kill their unwary victims.


Fire: Demon fire can kill them.

Explosions: The thundersticks also kill them if they hit them directly and set them on fire, other wise their wounds are healed.

Light: They fear bright light like all demons. And sunlight kills them.