Unsight ward

Commonly used with clothing, the Ward of Unsight can help render the wearer as less visible to Demons and humans. Arlen Bales wards his limbs with these wards also. The wards are commonly used on clothing, providing an easy way to protect individuals from detection in the night.

The ward does not likely render an individual as completely invisible, but rather harder to see, making the affects 'like a raven in the night sky, invisible to all who did not look closely'[1]. The wards are also less effective at concealing movement (See the quote below), though it is unclear if this is because movement disturbs the structure of the cloth the wards are printed on or the nature of their effect

The application of the ward is most notably applied Leesha Paper crafts the Cloak of Unsight for Arlen, though many other references are made to similar garments. More intricate or detailed work with the ward can make the wearer invisible to humans. Later references (in the The Core) suggest that the use the Krasian sharum'ting (female warrors) have skillfully adopted the use of these wards, allowing them to move around unseen by guards. The wards are seen as so powerful, they are are incorporated into the Kai'Sharum'ting:

Ashia, Micha, and Jarvah were clas in their kai'Sharum'ting robes, emboidered in electrum thread with wards of unsight. Whether in human sight or Everam's light, they blended with their surroundings as easily as a sand demon in the dunes. It was only when they moved swiftly tha they could be seen.[2]
It is unclear exactly how the ward works, but it is suggested that Demons can still detect, e.g. by smell, the presence of a human under the protection of unsight wards. The ward is paired naturally with the Confusion Ward, which can be used to augment concealment from demons

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