Tibbet's Brook is a small hamlet located southwest of Miln, it is the home of Arlen Bales.

The hamlet of Tibbet's Brook can be broken down into 7 smaller regions. The City Square, Cluster by the Woods, The Marsh, Southwatch, The Hay Bales, The Fishing Pond and Hops Hill. Tibbet's Brook has a mere thousand or so Inhabitants. Structures are usually made of wood with stone pile foundations and thatched roofs with plates for wards.


The City SquareEdit

The central area of Tibbet's Brook, This is where people gather for their day to day shopping needs, be it a visit to the Black Smith for Missy's horse shoes, the Tanner for repairs to a saddle, or Rusco Hog's general store for some ale and other goods. Selia Barren was the Speaker for the City Square in 319 AR.

Cluster by the WoodsEdit

A small wood cutting forest, used by the residence of Tibbet's Brook for lumber to trade. In 319 AR some homes here were ravaged by Demons, 27 people lost their lives, but eventually the houses were rebuilt. Brine Cutter and his family live here. Harl Tanner and his family live a few hours from the Cluster by the woods in Tibbet's Brook.

The MarshEdit

Tibbet's Brook has a small rice field located here, Supplying food to Tibbet's Brook and used to trade with neighbouring Hamlets and Cities. Coran Marsh was the Marsh's Speaker in 319 AR.

The Fishing PondEdit

A small lake on the the outskirts of Tibbet's Brook, The inhabitants here spend their days fishing on the lake and on The Dividing River. Cobie Fisher and his family reside here.

The Hay BalesEdit

A small community of farmers in Tibbet's Brook, they produce corn, meat and cotton for use in town, and trading with Thesa. Jeph Bales and his family reside here.


The biggest community within Tibbet's Brook roughly 300 inhabitants, They vary from the normal residence of Tibbet's Brook only wearing black and white clothes, and do not have much to do with the rest of the town.

Boggin's HillEdit

Tibbet's Brooks brewery is located here, They produce beer for the community and trade with the whole of Thesa. It is also where Tibbet's Brooks Tender Harral resides. Lucik Brewer and his family reside here.

It has a great hall where the whole Tibbet's Brook gathers for Solstice feast.


Each community votes on a "Speaker" an person that represents the people from their small part of Tibbet's Brook. Every year, or when the need arises the Speaker's gather and hold a meeting to discuss what to do in the coming year. Tibbet's Brook is under the duchy of Miln, but however has very little if akmost no control of it

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