The Crown of Kaji is a circlet made of electrum, discovered upon the remains of Kaji himself, entombed beneath the Anoch Sun.

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The crown has algai hora inside of it, to act as a battery of sorts. The electrum not only channels magic efficiently, the metal keeps the hora from crumbling, instead keeping it safe so that they can be recharged. The metal of the relic bears specific, previously forgotten, wards; enabling the wearer to deny the probing powers of Mind Demons.

Although initially discovered by Arlen Bales, the crown was left undisturbed in the ruins until later removed by Ahmann Jardir. Believing himself to be Shar'Dama Ka, Jardir sees the crown as his by right and wears it into battle.

It is stated by the Damaji'ting before Inevera that the First Inevera weaved the wards on the Crown.

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Many of the Crown's abilities are revealed in The Daylight War. Among them is the ability to see magic and auras, which is very similar if not identical to the wardsight that Arlen and Renna use. This ability allows the user to effectively see at night, as well as easily see demons. As all living things use magic to survive, which the book calls an aura, then crownsight can be used to determine someone's emotions and surface thoughts. It is not mind-reading per se, but if one knows how to read an aura it can be very enlightening.

The crown also has the ability to project a warding field that is configurable, that is, the use can make the field protect only him, or he can make a warding circle  with about a fourth of a mile radius.

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