The Sand Demon, only known to be found in the Krasian desert. The Defensive Ward for the Sand Demon is similar to that of their cousin The Rock Demon's defensive ward. The Sand Demons, cousin to Rock Demons are smaller and more nimble, but still among the strongest and most armoured of the coreling races.


Described as being of human height, the sand demons are lithe of body and possess long, strong arms ending in a hand of long, curved talons. They fight upright on hind limbs, but run on all fours,much like a large dog, or wolf. Their whole body is covered in plates of armour which in turn are covered in small, sharp scales that are a dirty yellow colour- almost indistinguishable from the sand that surround them. They have rows of segmented teeth that jut out on their jaws much like a snout, though their nostril slits reside just under their large, black lidless eyes. Thick bones from their brows curve upward and back, cutting through the scales as sharp horns. They possess a long flexible tail adorned with sharp scales and spikes which the demons use to attack their prey. In fact it is so destructive that the Krasians mimicked its design on a whip, used for corporal punishment, named the "alagai tail."

Attack MethodsEdit

Often hunting in packs it is unusual to see a Sand Demon by itself. One account shows that sand demons usually coordinate attacks- one will distract their prey head on while others ambush from the back or sides. It has similar teeth to its Rock Demon cousin, primarily using rows of razor sharp teeth to rip and tear its prey apart while attacking in an upright stance. It also has talons and a long barbed tail that can be used to cut its enemies to sunder.

Weak pointsEdit


The Sand Demon's thick armor is weaker around its eyes, a strong thrust of a spear can pierce through to the brain and kill the Demon . If the thrust isn't strong enough you risk angering the Demon instead of killing it.


The Sand Demons attack method of pouncing on their target leaves their mouth wide open ready to bite, a well place spear strike is known to pierce right through to the brain and kill the target. Inside the Demons mouth is as fragile as any normal creature and they possessed a long tongue that slavered over rows of razor sharp teeth.

Side NoteEdit

The Kaji Dama believe the Sand Demon reside on the third layer of Hell, The Majah believe they reside on the fourth.