Ahmann Jardir in the Ruins of Anoch Sun

The Ruins of Anoch Sun, located deep into the Krasian desert is an ancient ruin from the times of the Deliverer. It was the home of Kaji, the first Deliverer and the seat of his empire which went past Lakton at one point. During the return the Krasian's no longer had the resources to return due to it's location within the Desert depths and was quickly forgotten only remembered in myths and select maps. Most believed the maps to be fakes and the only place "real" maps were found in Sharik Hora held by the rich Dama who never opened them. 

This is also where Arlen Bales found The Spear of Kaji and The Fighting Wards.

The ruins held many secrets like mind wards and warded armor, all of which was taken by Ahmann Jardir during his march to the Thesa as well as everything else of value, even whole sections of city as a result the city was all but destroyed.

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