A small city, and Rojers hometown, it was completely destroyed when Rojer was 3 years old, he and his later master Arrik were the only survivors. The village was destroyed because the only warder was preoccupied with warding the new city bridge, for the arrival of the Duke, thereby neglecting the wards protecting the houses of inhabitants. During a demon attack the whole town burned down.

Afterwards the city was rebuild on both river sides. The river forms the border between Miln and Angiers lands, with Riversbrigde being the only connection between the two countries. Because of this is valuable for both dukes, before it was burned it was a part of the kingdom Miln, but the brige was build and held with wood and other supplies from Angiers, so the Duke of Angiers thought he have a right on the bridge and the taxes. The Duke of Miln argued that Riverbridge is a part of Miln and so only Miln can get taxes from it.

Lastly they build Riversbridge up on both sides of the river, both cities are called Riverbrigde. The Miln side is build up out of stone and is the only vsmall village having a defense wall, the Angiers side has also has a wall but is built out of wood. Travelers must pay taxes on both sides, for both kingdoms. The result of this conflict was that the realationships between the dukes reached the deep point.