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Jeph Bales is Arlen's father, he lives in Tibbet's Brook. He owns a small farm, with chickens, pigs, two cows and a horse. He also has a small amount of metal tools. Arlen was his first son, after his wife Silvy Bales died he married Ilain Bales. Silvy died as a result of Jeph not having the courage to defend her as she got attacked by demons. Only Arlen saved her by attacking the demons, afterwards Jeph did not have the courage to take her all the way to the herb gatherer of Sunny Pasture, this results in Silvy dying on the road. Arlen runs away because he couldn't take the cowardice of his father.

Later he married the daughter of Harl Tanner, Ilain. Ilain married him because she wanted away from her father who had raped her since she was of a very young age. With Ilain he had three children - the young Jeph, Coline and Silvy. The young Jeph was engaged with Jene a young girl out of the town city square. Also, old Norrin lived on their farm, a victim of a demon attack on the village at the forest and lived after this with the Bales. Jeph knows about the crimes of Harl but he never told this to anyone because his wife fears the consequences.

When Arlen comes back to Tibbet's Brook Jeph hasn't changed. He looked on when a family member gets killed and also does nothing to save Renna in front of the community. But he finally learns and attacks the demons when they try to kill Renna. Although he fought the demons he was helpless against the community and again looks on when she is left by them to get killed by the demons. After Arlen rescues Renna he becomes the speaker of the Bales community because of Renna's statement that he saved her.

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