I Am Olive[1][2] is the working title for a new sequel trilogy to The Demon Cycle was announced by The Bookseller (a business magazine of the book industry) in April 2018 with the first book being tentatively titled The Desert Prince that takes place 15 years after the ending of The Core telling the tales of two young protagonists, Olive Paper and Darin Bales, and featuring Demon Cycle characters and settings.[3] HarperVoyager acquired UK and Commonwealth excluding Canada rights to the new trilogy, while Del Rey Books has acquired North American rights to publish the new trilogy.[3]

Peter V. Brett said he has "been laying the groundwork for this series for years and am so excited to finally bring it to life. It keeps all the things I love about the Demon Cycle, while taking things in a fresh direction that provides an exciting entry point for new and younger readers. Olive Paper will be a hero unlike any other."[3]

In a Q&A with Goodreads, Peter V. Brett said the first book, The Desert Prince, is expected to release in Spring 2021.[4]

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