The Dama'ting (Meaning Priest-Female) are Priestess who serve in Krasia, They are also known as The Brides of Everam they know the basics of medicine and will often treat Sharum who are injured in The Maze. They also know how to read parts of the future using Alagai Hora(A special set of dice made of Demon Bone).

Path to becoming a Dama'tingEdit

Most are born into the life of Dama'ting, their mothers being Dama'ting before them have set their life out for them. Sometimes very rarely a young girl from the outside the Dama'ting Palace will be called into the life of a Dama'ting, like Inevera and Damaji'ting Kenevah. The path to becoming a fully fledged Dama'ting is sometimes a life long process.


This is the apprenticeship stage of Dama'ting life, it is in this stage that the young women learn all there is to be a Dama'ting. A strict daily routine consisting of

  • Healing the wounded
  • History Clases
  • Warding Classes
  • Practical uses of wards
  • Brewing Potions/antivenoms
  • Jewellery Making
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Seduction/Pillow Dancing

And later on in their training, even training the younger nie'Dama'ting.

When the Damaji'ting deems a nie'Dama'ting ready she will grant the girl access to the Chamber of Shadows.

The Chamber of Shadows is the final test to becoming a Dama'ting, in this room the young women must carve their Alagai Hora. They are given 8 demon bones from which to carve the 7 dice in the solitude and darkness of the Chamber. This process can takes months, or even years. Once they their Alagai Hora are ready they can present them to the Damaji'ting and she will make the final calling on whether the girl is ready to become a fully fledged Dama'ting.

The Test for the VeilEdit

This ceremony is the marriage of a nie'Dama'ting to The Creator and her graduation into the life of a proper Dama'ting. It takes place in the Chamber of Shadows.

It begins with the nie'Dama'ting answering questions from the Damaji'ting and using her Alagai Hora to find the answers. 

The nie'Dama'ting must then speak this oath to Everam.

"I, Name, of Father, of the line, Betrothed of Everam, take Him as my first husband, His wishes above all others, His love my greatest desire, His will my greatest command, for He is the Creator of all things great and true, all other men are but pale shadows of His perfection. I do this for now and all eternity, for on my death I will join my sister-wives in the Celestial Harem and there know His sacred touch."

From here it is time to consumate her union with Everam, this is done with a blessed phallic stone of marble.

After the ceremoney the nie'Dama'ting is no longer an apprentice and is now a Dama'ting and gifted her White Silk Veil to mark her status.

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