Brine Cutter, also called Brin Broadshoulders, had a house in the cluster by the woods in the Tibbet's brook , south east of The Hay Bales

(His house was among the ones attacked by the Fire Demons on the night of 319 AR (After the Return) and the only house which was salvageable and somehow survived the attack without burning to the ground and turning into ashes, though it was significantly destroyed none the less and created a lot of mess and rubble.

He and his whole family watched the attack.

Others too came to his house to take refuge from the attack that night and waited in the burning house until the roof caught fire and the beams started to crack, at which point they all took their chances and ran outside just minutes before dawn.)

He is described as a great 'bear' of a man, indicating he is big and healthy. He has a loud, deep, 'booming' laugh.

He is a friend of Jeph , Arlen 's Father, and used to throw young Arlen high into the air when they used to come to him to trade for wood.


Meena : Wife of Brine Cutter. She died at the night of attack on his house on 319 AR. She was killed by the corelings.

Poul : Son of Brine Cutter and his wife Meena. He too was killed along with his mother.