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Amanvah is the first daughter of Inevera and Ahmann Jardir. She is dama'ting in her own right. She is offered as a bride to Rojer Halfgrip, along with her cousin Sikvah. She later marries Rojer and becomes his Jiwah' Ka, with dominion over his Jiwah' Sen, which, at the current moment, only includes Sikvah. She makes Rojer a warded chinrest powered by alagai hora (demon bone) which allows him to amplify his voice tenfold. She and Sikvah have warded chokers rested in the hollows of their throats that grant the same power, so that they could match Rojer and not be overpowered by his fiddle. While Leesha and Rojer were still in Everam's Bounty, Amanvah and Sikvah tried to kill Leesha by adding Blackstem powder to her tea. At his shock, Rojer spit out his tea, but, of course, there was no blackstem powder in his, because whatever his wives may feel about his friends, there is no doubt that they love Rojer. When Rojer bravely runs into the night to lead the demons away from his friends, Amanvah fills a tear bottle while crying for him.

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