Abban asu Chabin am'Haman am'Kaji
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Abban (full name "Abban am'Haman am'Kaji"KD), son of the khaffit Omara Haman of Fort Krasia, born 295 AR, is one of the POV (Point of View) characters in The Desert Spear.

At the age of 10, he was conscripted into the Kaji'sharaj, along with Ahmann Jardir. Despite being polar opposites, the two quickly struck up a friendship. However during training he fell from a wall of the maze and was cast out of Hannu pash as a crippled khaffit.

As a khaffit first he was despised by Jadir. He became friends with Arlen and through him Arlen could ask Ahmann to fight in the Labyrinth against the alagais. After introducing Arlen to Jadir, Jardir orders Abban to teach him the Thesan language. Simultaneously he teaches Arlen the Krasian language.

Between Arlen and Abban a deep friendship has formed. Because of that Arlen shows Abban the Spear of Kaji first.

After Jardir turns into the Shar'Dama'Ka, he announced Abban to be his Secretary. Therefore Abban is in charge of the financials. He calculates the costs of the Sharak Sun and advises Jardir in his strategical plans. Often Jardir changes his plans because of an advice of Abban.

Abban grows to one of the most powerful people in Krasia. He may hold his own little army of kha'Sharum, which is 120 of well trained Sharum large, who are former khaffit. He binds Qeran on himself and lets him do the training of his kha'Sharum.

After Hasik rapes one of his daughters, Abban orders his Sharum to castrate him. Therefore Hasik hates him to the bottom of his heart and tries to use every opportunity to kill Abban. But because Abban is under the protection of Jardir, Hasik cannot do anything against him.

After Jadir disappeared, Abban is still one of the most powerful people and stands now under the protection of the Damajah. She commands Abban to follow Jayan, who is about to conquer Lakton, to give him advices. Abban advices Jayan to conquer Angiers, so he can earn glory. But the attack failed and thousands of Sharum died. Hasik sniffed his chance, killed Jayan and one of Abban's dearest kha'Sharum, Earless, and Fahki. Being alone with Abban, Hasik does not kill him. He intends to get his revenge.

After being captured by Hasik, Abban is gelded and has his bones in right leg broken, one per day. After two weeks they find a group of Krasian deserters from Bajin tribe, and Hasik creates Eunuch tribe. Abban is forced to serve him as quartermaster of his army.

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